The most common mistake when you don't see any Facebook Paid traffic or orders in Divvit is that you forgot to add the tracking parameters to your links.

Please follow the steps below:

To add URL parameters to your ads on Facebook:

  1. Create a new ad campaign in Ads Manager or continue working on one saved as a draft.
  2. After entering your information at the Campaign and Ad Set levels, navigate to the Ad level to set your URL Parameters.
  3. At the Ad level, look for a section called URL Parameters. You may need to click Show Advanced Options to see this section.

4.  In URL Parameters, enter the following: dv_chgroup=social_ppc&dv_channel=facebook 

That's it! You are done. All your URLs will now be tagged with dv_chgroup=social_ppc&dv_channel=facebook. 


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