This happens when you haven’t tagged up your Adwords banners. Google doesn’t tell 3rd party sources if the visits are coming organically, or via paid channels. It might also be that you see some traffic come in, but not all of your traffic. In both cases you can follow the following steps to solve this issue: 

For the new Adwords interface:

  1. Log on to adwords
  2. Click settings on the left side menu
  3. Click Account settings on the top menu
  4. Click on Tracking template
  5. Copy & paste the following: dv_chgroup=sem&dv_channel=google
  6. Hit save

For the old Adwords interface

  1. Log on to Adwords
  2. Go to Shared library
  3. Go to URL options
  4. Click edit next to tracking template
  5. Copy and paste following: dv_chgroup=sem&dv_channel=google
  6. Hit save

By doing this, you will automatically tag up your Adwords with the correct Divvit links. Your traffic will be attributed correctly from the moment you have added the URL parameters. 

Please do note that the traffic that has already come in will not be corrected automatically. If you would like us to recalculate your traffic, please send an email to and we will make sure your traffic will be attributed correctly! 

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