Sometimes, our order tracking script will receive an order that can’t be linked to any visit/session (hereafter session) and visitor in our usual way. You can read more about sessions here: 

A common example is when historic orders are imported, then they have no visits connected to them. But it can also happen in other cases. 

Since there can’t be an order without a session, we will create a ”virtual session” which then becomes linked to the order. This is a Dummy Session.

There are a few effects of a dummy session:

  • It can’t be determined what channel the visitor came from, so it will always be Unknown
  • These orders will always only have one session, making CR to 100% and also affect other metrics

If you have a lot of dummy sessions this should be investigated and fixed. There can be several scenarios that dummy sessions are created:

  1. Errors in the setup of an order script;
  2. Сonfiguration features of your site; 

For example: When the order confirmation page is placed on the payment system page, Divvit considers this session as a new one and does not link it to the order, since it is on a different URL. 

  1. When you import orders directly from your internal system. In this case, Divvit can not link the user and order if there are no User ID, email or other user identificator. 

If you have checked this and can’t find the reason for dummy sessions being created, please contact us so we can help out!

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