You may have noticed that some of your data such as revenue and orders, don’t always match when comparing your Divvit data with Google Analytics. This is a common issue, and nothing to worry about. The reason these discrepancies occur is typically due to four main reason. 

  1. JavaScript errors. 

A. Most analytics tools use special JavaScript to track visits and orders on your site. 

When your site is loading, JavaScripts run in a predefined order. Sometimes during the loading of a page, errors can occur and prevent some of the scripts from loading (which are errors). Some of the causes of JavaScript errors are: 

  • when other scripts block the analytics code
  • variables with the same names
  • special characters in product names such as apostrophes.

Therefore, sometimes one analytics tracking code might load whilst another one might not. This will obviously result in discrepancies.

B. The use of Script/Ad blocking plugins. Which can prevent one script from loading but  also could skip another.

2. Duplicate Orders

Duplicate transactions can inflate revenue and other metrics. The main reason duplicate transactions occur are:

  • Returning to the page via email link or bookmark
  • Refreshing the page
  • Navigating to a different page and returning via back button
  • Page restoring from a closed browser session or on a smartphone

The good news about duplicate orders is that Divvit filters orders by their unique ID. Which means we can’t have duplicate orders. The situation is different for GA which can be a reason for discrepancies in the data.

      3. Referral spam

Referral spam shows up as either fake traffic referral, a search term or a direct visit. The more traffic you have, the bigger of an issue referral spam tends to be. Divvit automatically ignores referral spam by carrying out bot filtering in our backend.

4. Google Analytics itself 

  1. Incorrect filters in Google Analytics - This is a configuration issue which can not occur in Divvit due to the fact we don’t sample your data.
  2. Data sampling - Websites with a significant amount of traffic that use Google Analytics will have ‘sampling’ come into play. The Google Analytics interface shows a green shield when there is no sampling and orange when the data is based on a smaller sample. Therefore when comparing Google Analytics with Divvit, extreme discrepancies in the order and revenue data can be observed due to the fact that Divvit doesn’t sample data.
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