You may have noticed that some of your data such as revenue and orders, don’t always match when comparing your ecommerce platform data with third party tools. This is a common issue, and nothing to worry about. The reason these discrepancies occur is typically due to two main reason. 


Most third party analytics tools use special JavaScript to track visits and orders on your site. Sometimes during the loading of a page, this JavaScript doesn’t function correctly. The most common reasons why JavaScript doesn’t function correctly are:

  1. JavaScript is disabled. Unfortunately, even though most websites require JavaScript to run properly. Some people still disabled it.
  2. The use of Script/Ad blocking plugins.
  3. JavaScript errors. A website might be producing JavaScript errors which ends up blocking the Script from running. Some of the causes of JavaScript errors are: 
  • when other scripts block the analytics code
  • variables with the same names
  • special characters in products names such as apostrophes.

4. Incorrect setup of JavaScript during the installation process.

Therefore if JavaScript is not running or is running incorrectly on the client’s side, third party analytics will not work.


When refunds occur, your internal system is informed, but third party tools may not be. You need to ensure the tool is setup correctly to sync refunds.

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