Divvit can be used for any website and any business online. Divvit can track sign-ups and form submissions as conversions, as well as actual sales. 

You can also track lead generation, contact forms and any other type of subscriptions and forms.

Use Divvit  to track:

  • Lead forms
  • Contact forms
  • Subscriptions 
  • Memberships
  • Landingpages

For tracking all page views and sign ups you need to install 2 custom pixels into Google Tag Manager / GTM. 

The first one will be fired on all pages and tracks pageviews for Divvit.
The second one will be fired only on the "thankyou"/”success” page after an sign up has been completed.

These step by step instructions below will guide you to install successfully. ✅

A) Installing the General Tracking Pixel

  1. Log in to your GTM account, click on "Tags" in the left sidebar navigation and click the "New" button on top of the page. You should reach a screen like this:

2. Click on "Custom HTML Tag" and copy/paste the following code into the text field, replacing the YOUR_FRONTEND_ID with your Frontend ID from Divvit and modifying variable names as needed.

!function(){var t=window.divvit=window.divvit||[];if(t.DV_VERSION="1.0.0",t.init=function(e){if(!t.bInitialized){var i=document.createElement("script");i.setAttribute("type","text/javascript"),i.setAttribute("async",!0),i.setAttribute("src","https://tag.divvit.com/tag.js?id="+e);var n=document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];n.parentNode.insertBefore(i,n)}},!t.bInitialized){t.functions=["customer","pageview","cartAdd","cartRemove","cartUpdated","orderPlaced","nlSubscribed","dv"];for(var e=0;e

3. Under the section "Triggering" make sure to select "All pages", so that the tracking code is invoked on all pages.

4. Click "Save" to create the tag with the configuration above.

B) Installing the Sign-Up tracking pixel

In Google Tag Manager -> Go back to "Tags" by clicking in the left sidebar and select "New" to create another pixel.

Choose the same settings as above ("Custom HTML Tag") and place the following code into the text field:

<script type="text/javascript">

  var orderData = {

    order: {

      orderId: String((new Date()).getTime()),

      total: 0,

      products: [{

      id: "signup",

      price: 0,

      quantity: 1






2. To make sure that this pixel is fired after the general tracking pixel, in the section of Advanced settings underneath the text field please activate the checkbox "Fire a tag before Divvit Order Tracking fires" and select the first general Divvit tracking pixel from the select list.

3. Under the section ”Triggering" make sure to select a trigger that ensures that this pixel is only fired on the thankyou (sign up success) page.

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