In order to make sure that your traffic ends up in the right channel, there are two options, depending on whether you have already tagged the URLs of your marketing campaigns.

Option 1 - You already have tagged your marketing campaigns with UTM parameters:  

If you have already tagged your campaign URLs with UTM parameters, you don't need to make any changes. However, Divvit might not automatically recognize it and your traffic will end up as 'unknown'. You will find this traffic in channels and referer mapping under your settings in your Divvit account.  

You can then select the campaigns and map them into the corresponding channels as shown in the video below: 

Option 2 - You have not yet tagged your marketing campaigns: 

If you have not yet tagged your marketing campaigns, we highly recommend to do so. Otherwise, Divvit will not automatically recognize where the incoming traffic should go.

We recommend that you use Divvit tagging but you can also use UTM parameters to tag your campaign URLs. 

You can find all the Divvit tags for our channels in this overview.

You simply copy paste the tag (e.g. 'dv_chgroup=sem&dv_channel=google' for Search Paid/Google) and add these to the URL of your marketing campaigns. 

If you are having troubles with tagging your traffic, please do contact us at

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