You can add additional costs for any of the channel groups from the settings of your Divvit app. 

From your settings on the left-hand menu of the Divvit app, you can navigate to Channels to see your integrations. Once you choose the channel group, you can select the specific channel you want to add your cost to:

  • Organic
  • Social Organic
  • Display
  • Social Paid
  • Search Paid 
  • Affiliate
  • Price Comparison
  • Referral
  • Email
  • Direct
  • Retargeting
  • Onsite

Once you select a channel, you can select which kind of Cost Type you’d like to add.

In just a few clicks, you can manually add tracking for:

  • Fixed Cost- for a one-time payment, or a payment that reoccurs on a weekly or monthly basis
  • Cost per Visit- cost that you pay per visit from this channel
  • Cost per Order- cost that you pay per order from this channel
  • Revenue share- percentage of the revenue for each order from this channel

Once you choose what kind of cost it is, you can select the amount of this cost. 

If your campaign is over a specific amount of time, you can select a start and end date. For one-time costs (in Fixed Cost), you can select the start and end date as the same date. 

If you pay a percentage to your affiliates, you would want to select “Revenue Share” as your cost type, and simply enter in the percentage that you pay that affiliate per new order. 

For example, if you want to add affiliate marketing costs and you pay 10% of the revenue from one order, you can add this over a certain period of time. 

Here’s a quick gif to show you how it works: 

Manual cost integrations are fetched four times a day, so within 6 hours or so, you should be seeing your new cost integrations. 

These manual cost integrations are completely retroactive- so if you choose a time period in the past and we have data on orders for you during that time, these costs will be reflected once the data is fetched.

Manual Cost Integrations Upgrade using Google Sheets

In the Divvit app, you can connect manual cost integrations directly into your Divvit app using Google Sheets. 

How does it work? Simply go to your settings, choose “Channel Integrations” and click on the button for the channel you’d like to integrate. Name your spreadsheet for the channel you’d like to connect, and click connect spreadsheet. 

Once you do that, you will get an email with your spreadsheet created in Google Sheets. The spreadsheet will be blank, but you can simply copy and paste the values from any .CSV file that you’ve exported from your channels. 

Make sure your date is formatted YYYY-MM-DD (so 2017-11-25) to make sure that it’s connected correctly. 

Once you’ve connected a manual cost either through manual input or a Google Spreadsheet, it will appear next to the channel you’ve connected it to. You’ll know in real time if it’s worked, and then the data will be fetched during the day so you’ll have your results quickly. 

Currency for your manual integration will be automatically in the currency that you’ve set up for your domain. If you have multiple domains on the same Divvit account, be sure to select the domain you’d like to add your manual costs to before starting. 

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