Sometimes, if a channel isn’t mapped properly, Divvit might not be able to tell where it’s coming from. If you have a channel that’s appearing as “unknown” in your reports, you might need to manually map the channel. 

This sounds a lot harder than it actually is- you can do it with just a few clicks:

When you have special campaigns that aren’t mapping properly, simply go to the Settings section on the bottom of the left-hand menu. From Settings, go to Channels & Referrer Mapping. You will see a list of links that are separated by the different tags you used to identify the campaign. 

Click on the tag that each of the campaigns share, and select the Channel Group it should fall into. After, click on the Channel it should be in. 

As you can see with the above example, we chose Channel Group as Email and then the Channel as Newsletter. 

Once these visits are mapped, they will begin tracking properly. However, it will be from the time you mapped them onward that they will track. If you want retroactive tracking, please email us to recalculate your data for you.

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