With Divvit, you can automatically connect your Google Ads account, to get all your marketing cost data from Google Ads visible in Divvit.

  1. Connecting your Google Ads account

First thing you need to do is to head over to channels in your settings, go to Search Paid and click Google Adwords then hit connect. 

We will automatically import your marketing costs in to Divvit. If you have multiple Google Ads accounts, you can add several. We will only import costs for the domains you have signed up to Divvit with.

Example: You signed up with www.domain.com. You have two Google Adwords accounts, one for www.domain.com and one for www.website.com. We will only import cost data from www.domain.com as it matches the name you used to sign up for Divvit.

 2. Tagging your Google Ads campaigns

To make sure that your traffic will appear in the correct Channel Group and Channel, you need to make sure that your Google Ads campaigns are tagged up. 

To do this go to Google Ads account settings and go to Tracking Template. Here you will add: {lpurl}?dv_adwords_campaign={campaignid}&dv_adwords_network={network}&dv_adwords_target={targetid} and hit save. 

Note: If you are sending people to other domains than the ones registered in Divvit, and still want to include costs for it, please send an email to support@divvit.com with the URLs you are linking to. We can add them manually in our system.

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