Besides collecting cost data from Facebook/Instagram, Google Adwords and Bing, we also offer the possibility to upload costs for any other channel you want. Navigate to your settings and find the channel you want to upload costs for. You can upload costs via Google Spreadsheets or Manual Input. 

  • Uploading costs via Google Spreadsheets

Simply hit connect next to Google Spreadsheet button for the channel you would like to upload costs for. Name the spreadsheet and you will shortly receive an email with the spreadsheet for you to complete. Make sure the first column contains the date (YY-MM-DD) and the second column the value (e.g. 20 or 19,99). 

  • Uploading costs via Manual Input

You can also upload costs manually. You can choose for a fixed cost, cost per visit, cost per order or revenue share. Choose the cost that applies to your channel and fill in the date and costs that are applicable. 

The costs you have uploaded will appear in the channel you have selected. You will know in real time whether the costs have been taken into account. The data will be collected during the day. 

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