Yes, Divvit recognizes UTM tags on links, so you won't have to do that work twice. Please read below for more in-depth information on how we are tracking traffic.

Tracking of traffic channels

A) The Google method

Since you might already have configured all your channels for reporting in Google Analytics, we do offer the possibility to simply use all of your pre-configured utm_source, utm_medium, utm_term, utm_content, utm_campaign parameters without any changes.

Example url with Google Utm Tags:

Source= Facebook
Medium= Social PPC (Paid)
Campaign: Xmas2018


B) The DIVVIT methodĀ 

If you are not tracking your traffic sources or want to switch your tracking to the DIVVIT method, then your should configure your redirect URLs in the following way:

  • dv_chgroup / dv_channelĀ 

Whenever possible you should sort your traffic into the following channel groups (dv_chgroup) and channels (dv_channel). In case you are working with a channel that is not listed, you can create your own tag for it. Please stick to the provided channel groups.

Example url with Divvit Tags:

Source= Facebook
Medium= Social PPC (Paid)
Campaign: Xmas2018

To find out what channel groups and channels available, please click here

Download file here with all marketing channels - >

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