Yes, we can import both orders and costs.

We can import cost data from sources such as Adwords, Facebook and Bing. 

We are also able to import order data, this will allow you to see the order value, the amount of products and the specifications of the products. and customer data to define if a customer is a recurring customer when an order is made. 

If you would like us to import historical order and customer data for you, please provide us with an excel sheet with columns containing: 

  • orderIDs
  • customerIDs
  • date of purchase
  • total value of purchase 
  • quantity of products.

    You can send this to by email at 

Note: We do not import historical visitor/order data from other sources. We start collecting data once you our script is implemented on your site.

We would love to help you with your Historic data. 👍 Email us at and we will assist you.

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