In Divvit, creating reports is simple and 100% customizable. In the Analytics Explorer tab, you can choose between Dimensions and Metrics. 

Dimensions provide the scope of the data you want to analyze. 

They include:

  • Channel Group: what kind of channel it is (e.g. organic social vs paid social)
  • Channel: the specific channel
  • Device: the device used to navigate your page
  • Bounced vs Not Bounced: whether you want to filter specifically for bounced customers
  • Repeat vs New Order: allows you to examine based on new or repeat orders
  • Visitor Type: allows you to examine based on new or repeat customers

Once you’ve chosen the dimensions for the scope of your report, you can choose the metrics you’d like to include:

  • Traffic based metrics: visit metrics, bounce rate, browse and cart abandonment, and many more
  • Order based metrics: order count, revenue, visits before order and average order value
  • Cost based metrics: cost per visit, cost per order, order per sale, overall marketing costs and marketing ROI
  •  Customer based metrics: customer acquisition cost and new customer count

Once you’ve chosen the metrics you want to examine, you simply click “Create Report” and voila! It’s that simple to create a fully customized report based on the metrics that are most important to you.

You can find other reports that we offer here. Are you interested in receiving a personlized report? 

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