Our analytics explorer will allow you to visualize all your data to get a better understanding of your store’s performance. You can choose from various dimensions and many different metrics to analyze and compare ther performance of your different marketing channels.

Data Driven Marketing Attribution 

Our users especially enjoy our data driven marketing attribution model. Want to explore which of your channels is bringing in e.g. most revenue or orders with our machine learning marketing attribution model? Head to analytics explorer in your Divvit account and select order count (Divvit). You are able to compare with linear and last click attribution models. Select order count (linear) and order count (last click) to compare between these models.  

Our machine learning attribution model will help you understand whether you are over or under evaluating the importance of your marketing channels. Now you can make decisions based on real data! 

But our Analytics Explorer doesn't stop there. There are many more comparisons and analysis you are able to make: 

  • Tailor your own reports
  • Choose any dimensions and metrics you want
  • Save and export your reports

Analytics Explorer

We would love to help you. Email us at support@divvit.com and we will help you with Analytics Explorer. 👍

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