Connect your existing marketing channels to Divvit, to get an easy overview of how much you spend on marketing, and how much you get back. It will also show you how much each visit costs, and how much you pay for each order coming through that channel.

Step 1: Connecting channels for automatic cost data collection

Divvit offers automatic cost connectors for Facebook/Instagram, Google Adwords and Bing. To connect these channels, simply navigate to setting in your Divvit account. Under ‘channels’, you will be able to find and connect the channels as wished. Simply hit connect and Divvit will automatically keep track of the costs you are making.

Make sure your traffic is tagged and mapped correctly 

To make sure that the traffic you are getting in from paid marketing campaigns will appear in the right channel, you have to make sure that your traffic is tagged and mapped correctly. 

In order for traffic coming in through e.g. a Facebook campaign, to end up in Paid Social, your campaign URL should include a tag. If you are using UTM tags, you will be able to map the traffic in channels and referer mapping in Divvit. 

If you don’t have tags setup yet for your campaigns, you can use Divvit's URL parameters/tagging and your traffic will automatically end up in the right channel. The image below shows where you can find the URL parameters to use for each channel

Add these URL parameters to the URLs you publish and the traffic will appear in the corresponding channel. Read more about tagging your traffic here.

Step 2: Connecting other channels via manual input

For any other channels that you would wish to integrate costs, you are able to do this manually via Google Spreadsheets or Manual Input. To do this, navigate to the settings and find the channel you want to integrate costs for. You can integrate costs via Google Spreadsheets or Manual Input. 

Manual costs integration via Google Spreadsheets

Simply hit connect next to Google Spreadsheets for the channel you would like to integrate costs. Name the spreadsheet and you will receive an email with the Spreadsheet for you to fill in. Make sure the first column contains the date (YY-MM-DD) and the second column the value (e.g. 30 or 22,65). 

Manual costs integration via Manual Input

You can also integrate costs manually. You can choose for a fixed cost, cost per visit, cost per order or revenue share. Choose the cost that applies to your channel and fill in the date and costs that are applicable. 

The costs you have integrated will appear in the channel you have selected. You will know in real time whether the costs have been taken into account. The data will be collected during the day. 

We are working hard on developing new automatic cost connectors.

We would love to help you Connect your marketing channels. Email us at and we will assist you 👍

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