Of all the people who visits your site, some of them will drop off at different stages.

We think it is important to know where they leave you. Is it a the landing page, a product page or maybe even in the checkout? (It's true, a lot of people leave you just before they are about to purchase).

Divvit uses a four-step funnel as standard. In order to get this set up, you have to follow these steps:

Sign in to Divvit and navigate to the checkout-one page settings. Here you enter the path to your checkout. For example:

Your checkout has the URL: https://www.yourdomain.com/checkout

You only need to enter the part that comes after your regular URL. In this example you will then take "/checkout" and paste into "Add new mapping". Then you save and it's ready!

If you have a dynamic checkout url, replace the dynamic parts with: *

Your checkout has the URL: https://www.yourdomain.com/143134/checkout/1434235
The checkout URL you need to add will then look like this: /*/checkout/*

We would love to help you. Email us at support@divvit.com and we will help you with your installation. 👍

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