Divvit will not recognize traffic from Google Paid if the campaign URLs are not properly tagged up. Google does not tell 3rd party sources whether the visits are coming in originally or through paid channels.

In order to solve this, there are a few simple steps to follow:

1.   Log into your Adwords account

2.   Click settings on the left side menu

3.   Click Account settings on the top menu

4.   Click on Tracking template

5.   Copy & paste the following: dv_chgroup=social_ppc&dv_channel=facebook

6.   Hit save

Your URLs will now be properly tagged and visits from your Google Paid campaigns will be attributed to the Google Paid channel. 

Please do note that any visits that have come in before you tagged your URLs will not automatically be corrected. If you would like us to recalculate your traffic so it appears in the correct channel, send us an email at support@divvit.com 

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